The PROACT Property System


Fractional Ownership in Real Estate Utilizing Innovative Technology of Smart Contracts on Blockchain


• Decentralised Ledger - Blocks of Information in a Chain.

• Distributed To All Users In the Blockchain.

• Transactions Are Verified By Multiple Nodes.

• Cannot be Modified.





Innovative Technology in the Real Estate Industry:

The launch of PROACT Property System's Blockchain based Smart Contracts (Digital Tokens) will revolutionize the real estate industry. By tokenizing real estate assets, PROACT Property System enables fractional ownership, making investment in real estate accessible to a broader range of investors. This democratization of real estate investment can attract new participants, including retail investors who were previously excluded from the market due to high entry barriers. As a result, the real estate industry can experience increased liquidity, reduced transaction costs, speedy transactions and a more secure, efficient and transparent property ownership and transfer process.

Economic Growth and Investment Opportunities:

By providing innovative solutions that enable tokenized real estate investments, PROACT Property System will be able to attract both domestic and foreign investors. This increased investment activity in the real estate sector can stimulate economic growth, create jobs in related industries, and encourage infrastructure development. As more capital flows into the country's real estate market, it will contribute to economic growth.

Financial Inclusion and Wealth Creation:

PROACT's secure platform can provide an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to participate in real estate investment through fractional ownership. This financial inclusion can empower people to build wealth and achieve financial security, thus reducing economic gaps and promoting upward mobility. The ability to earn from real estate investments can enhance the financial well-being of the masses, leading to increased consumer spending and economic stability.

Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurship:

PROACT's adoption of an affiliate marketing system can create an avenue for individuals to earn income by promoting the platform and driving new users and investors. This can raise entrepreneurship and motivate individuals to actively participate in the growth of PROACT's ecosystem. By empowering affiliates to earn commissions and incentives for successful referrals, the platform can expand its reach and market penetration.

Technological Advancement and Innovation:

As PROACT Property System combines Blockchain technology and smart contracts in its operations, it can contribute to the advancement of technology in the country. Embracing these innovative technologies can drive research and development, attract tech talent, and position the country as a hub for Blockchain based solutions. 

Enhanced Transparency and Trust:

Blockchain technology offers an indisputable and transparent ledger, ensuring the integrity of real estate transactions. PROACT Property System's implementation of Blockchain can boost trust among investors, developers, and other stakeholders in the real estate industry. The increased transparency can attract more investors, both local and foreign, who may have been hesitant due to concerns about fraud or opacity in traditional real estate markets.

Fractionalization of Real Estate Tokenization: 

Blockchain based smart contracts in real estate changes how investors own property. PROACT Property System is able to divide properties into smaller parts and turn them into smart contracts (digital tokens) using Blockchain technology. This means that investing in real estate is no longer limited to a select few. Anyone can become an investor, no matter their background or wealth.


PROACT's innovative approach, incorporating Blockchain, tokenization, and an affiliate marketing system, can have a significant positive impact on the overall improvement of the country's economy, provide affiliate earning opportunities for the masses, and drive advancements in the real estate industry. By democratizing real estate investments, adopting financial inclusion, and implementing technological innovations, PROACT can be a catalyst for positive change, creating a more inclusive and prosperous future for the country and its citizens.

Join us now and be a part of this exciting future! Invest with PROACT Property System and see how tokenization can open doors to new possibilities, making your financial future brighter. Together, we can reshape real estate investment and create a community that embraces the power of tokenization. The time to act is now - Take Charge of your future with PROACT.