PROACT EDUCATION SYSTEM offers a wide variety of educational courses, products and services, through an affiliate marketing program.

To participate, individuals must register (and pay an annual subscription fee of US $10) and agree to promote PROACT offerings of educational courses, products or services.

Affiliates are provided with a unique tracking link that allows PROACT to identify which customers were referred by which affiliates. 

Affiliates are paid a commission for every customer who purchases an educational course, product or service. The commission structure may vary based on factors, such as, the price of the educational course, product and service purchased by the customer.

Affiliates receive a rebate on their personal purchases. The rebate structure may vary based on factors, such as, the price of the educational course, product and service purchased by the affiliate.

Affiliates are also rewarded with bonuses and incentives based on the sale of educational courses, products or services by affiliates in their team. 

The PROACT affiliate marketing program, at its core, has a strong offering of educational courses, products or services. All commissions, bonuses and incentives are paid on actual sale of educational courses, products or services. No commissions, bonuses or incentives are paid on the annual subscription fee. 

PROACT supports its affiliates by providing product knowledge, sales and marketing trainings and promotional materials, such as, video previews explaining the educational courses, products or services.

PROACT maintains open lines of communication with its affiliates. This includes regular updates and training sessions on how to be successful with the PROACT affiliate program.

PROACT periodically evaluates the performance of its affiliate program, analyzing metrics like the number of new customers gained, the conversion rate of affiliate-referred prospects, and the total revenue generated from the program. This information is used for continually optimizing the affiliate program.

To ensure that affiliates follow ethical marketing practices, PROACT has guidelines in place, and it monitors its affiliates for compliance. Violations could result in an affiliate being removed from the program.

PROACT’s affiliate marketing system helps broaden their reach by leveraging the audiences of their affiliates. By offering commissions for successful referrals, they incentivize these affiliates to actively promote the sales of PROACT's products and services. This strategy allows PROACT to focus on improving and developing its education system, while its affiliates do the marketing.


The PROACT affiliate marketing program offers a range of benefits for its affiliates: 

Passive Income: Affiliate marketing allows affiliates to earn money even when they are not actively working. Once the referral link is shared, it can continue to earn commissions as long as people click on it and make purchases.

Work from Anywhere: As long as they have internet access, PROACT affiliates can work from anywhere in the world and offer our educational courses, products or services anywhere in the world. This offers great flexibility in terms of work location and working hours.

No Need for Inventory: PROACT affiliates do not need to store any products or handle product shipment logistics. 

Low Entry Cost: The annual subscription fee to participate in the PROACT affiliate program is US $10. 

Performance-Based Rewards: The PROACT marketing system rewards affiliates based on personal performance and the performance of team members. The more effort an affiliate puts into promoting the PROACT products and services, the higher the potential rewards.

Free courses and training: PROACT affiliates have access to a wide range of free courses and trainings delivered by leading coaches, trainers and industry experts. 

Marketing a wide range of courses, products and services: PROACT offers its affiliates the opportunity to market all its offerings. An affiliate can build a customer base for all (or a niche selection) of the courses, products and services. 

Business and Networking relationships: PROACT affiliates have the opportunity to build relationships with customers, organisations and other affiliate members for further growth and collaboration.

While these benefits can make the PROACT affiliate marketing program very attractive, it's also important to remember that successful affiliate marketing requires some understanding, effort, time, and a sound strategy. Affiliates need to understand their audience and offer the most suitable courses, products or services that best serve the needs of the customer.


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